• An Apology After We Yell – The Relationship Superglue
    hug apology

    A neighbor posted this story of an overwhelmed mom after she yelled at her kids in the store and then offered an apology.  As a former overwhelmed mom making my way through the holiday crowds with small children, it reminded me of one of the most important ways to get through it - love.

  • How to Help Your Child Tell Time….Naturally

    My kids were both wanting to learn to tell time so over the summer, I wanted to help their process in a natural way. My kids usually hate any type of direct instruction like worksheets, educational activities and games – anything that even smells of an agenda and they head straight the other Read More...

  • Solving Our Morning Routine (Again)

    Our morning routine had been going well for months and then all of a sudden….it wasn’t. The kids were arguing, “The Things” (that's what we call them) weren’t getting done, I was nagging, we were late, we were stressed and we weren’t getting along.

  • What To Do When Children Whine

    A whining child can be a challenge for parents. There is something about that high pitch sound that can drive even the most cool headed parents up the wall. Let’s face it whining is annoying and usually we just want to make it stop. The interesting thing is that we are willing to do almost anything Read More...

  • The Post-election Parenting Conversation

    Like many children – my children woke wanting to know who had won. When I told them their eyes widened and their mouths dropped and the first question was the one I wasn’t sure how I would answer. I had shielded them from as much of this election as I could, but even a child can tell that Read More...

  • Sibling Arguments Resolved – What it Sounds Like.

    Sometimes mornings car rides with siblings are so hard!  With a little skill and a lot of patience, sometimes they can be saved just in time for school. Here are 3 sibling arguments that happened in the car ALL IN ONE CAR RIDE! I made some errors, but as you can hear I recovered and peace was restored. Read More...