• Book Review: It’s OK Not to Share

    Have you ever found yourself in a group of other parents, playing with your children, and peer pressure alone makes you direct your child to do something, or avoid something? And then you wonder whether that was really the best thing for your child, or if you’re just reacting to the presumed Read More...

  • Memories of a Childhood Outdoors

    These are the outdoor recollections I hold dear from a childhood spent in Los Angeles. I hope that my preschool-age son Theo will have the same freedom I enjoyed then and there, in his own way. Each of these snapshots from my past–ages of about 6 to 12–still glitters in my memory, because Read More...

  • This Toddler Is Capable and Determined

    Respectful parent Sue Leong shared this wonderful video with us today.

    In the video, Sue’s 24-month-old daughter “A” works hard to eat with chopsticks. Sue explains that A’s older brother, who is now almost 4, did not receive his first chopsticks until he was 2½ years old. Read More...

  • Preparing a Toddler for Mommy and Daddy To Be Away

    A Respectful Parent writes,

    Hello, I’m new to the RIE community, and I am very keen to educate myself and learn more. I have been searching for some (sane) advice as to how to prepare and care for my 19-month-old son, whom I am leaving with his Dad for 12 days whilst I go to my best friend’s Read More...

  • 3 Ways to “Parent” Less, and Parent Better
    baby walking with mother small

    Helicopter Parenting. Most of us have heard the term. We use it to describe the actions of parents who hover next to their children at all times, making sure they are never bored and never get hurt.

    Many of us agree that helicopter parenting makes it difficult for these children to negotiate the Read More...

  • Guest Post: A Story of Hope for the Disrespectful Parent

    PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

    The following story is from guest blogger Kat Geary.

    You might enjoy a story of hope about parents who disrespectfully (and worse) treat their children.

    My next door neighbor has a 22 month old and 4 year old. Even the way she says their NAMES conveys her utter disappointment. She spanks, forces Read More...

  • Dancing in the Park
    Three-Year-Old Boy Dancing in the Park (4)

    This Labor Day weekend (United States) marked my 19th year as an artist in a local chalk art festival. During the festival, the park is filled with people, vendors, art, and music. I took a couple of hours to tour the festival with my 3-year-old son after I completed my artwork. He took me everywhere Read More...