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  • One Surefire Way Your Kids Can Problem Solve (and Get Along!)

    Children and conflict—it’s inevitable. As adults we often assume it is our job to solve these conflicts for them. However, what if that isn’t our job? What if the kids are capable? By solving their own problems they can become confident problem solvers that need less and less adult “help” to solve minor and, sometimes, not-so-minor problems. This approach works great with siblings, but I recently had the chance to try this out with a larger group of children and the result was just as cool

  • Why I Don’t Spank, Punish or Bribe My Kids

    People are often surprised that I don’t spank my kids, even more so that I’ve never given a time-out or a punishment. I’ve never rewarded them with stickers or presents to get them to do what I want and yet, they still cooperate.  When this discussion comes up, people often ask why and I am Read More...

  • The Day I got Helicopter Parented (And How it Made Me Feel)

    It had been about two weeks since I’d been out of the boot cast and I was cleared to exercise again. I was headed to spin class for the first time in I don’t know how long, but I was itching to exercise and do something that would really get me sweating and working.  I knew spinning was probably Read More...

  • I Accept The Mess: What Setting Limits Looks Like

    Crying, tantrums, whining, hitting, yelling – it’s all hard.  I’ve worked to accept all these feelings from my children, and yet, it’s still messy.   That’s the way it’s supposed to be – unpredictable, uncomfortable, inconvenient, and definitely messy. My 3 ½-year-old daughter is Read More...

  • Public School: How I Made the Choice
    testing meme

    A lot of people move to our neighborhood for the schools, so it may seem odd that I’ve spent the last months agonizing over where to send my son for kindergarten. Heck, even we moved here for the schools.  Then my first baby grew up a little, and I started learning more about parenting Read More...

  • Respectful parenting lessons from my anxious dog

    Parents sneer when people without children talk about dog ownership as if it’s a practice run for having children. Dogs are not babies. Otto, my miniature
    schnauzer, doesn’t wear Halloween costumes. He’s not my child. I’m not his mommy. And yet, I learned important Read More...

  • Connection and Disconnection: Parenting with Smartphones

    Parents are commonly scolded for using smartphones with their children. While disconnected time with loved ones is vital, it is problematic to say that there is something harmful about ever using mobile devices in front of children. How should a respectful parent approach the issue?