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  • Be Careful

    We tell them to be careful
    We tell them not to fall
    We don’t let them walk to school alone
    No playing outside with friends
    No games out in the street
    We sit them in the classroom
    Withhold recess when they’re bad
    No running on the playground
    No hugging

  • Why My Kids Don’t Take Lessons

    I have always been a believer in readiness in a sense that when children are ready – they will do it. Watching my own children has always confirmed this belief for me.  When they are physically, emotionally and cognitively ready – they will crawl, they will walk, they will talk, they will Read More...

  • You Hope….

    You click the camera, and hope that nothing ever breaks their spell…not growing up, not shouldering the world in which they now dance so spritely

    you hope they will smile through their eyes all their lives long  and speak so freely with one another, and reach out their arms to bestow affection, Read More...

  • Dear Public School: It’s Not Me, It’s You.

    If I’m really honest with myself, I knew on the second day that this wasn’t going to work.

    I knew as soon as I heard the words “There is no running on the playground” that something was fundamentally wrong with this school system. I knew when I asked what could be done about the no running Read More...

  • Public School: How I Made the Choice
    testing meme

    A lot of people move to our neighborhood for the schools, so it may seem odd that I’ve spent the last months agonizing over where to send my son for kindergarten. Heck, even we moved here for the schools.  Then my first baby grew up a little, and I started learning more about parenting Read More...

  • School and The Unconventional Parent
    geralt / Pixabay

    geralt / Pixabay

    I am an unconventional parent.  I have an unconventional child.  I’m not sure how that evolved, really—except that when I was failing him,

    which was often, I adapted.  I read, I researched, and I talked to experts.   I will always be learning how to parent my son. I will always be learning Read More...

  • Memories of a Childhood Outdoors

    These are the outdoor recollections I hold dear from a childhood spent in Los Angeles. I hope that my preschool-age son Theo will have the same freedom I enjoyed then and there, in his own way. Each of these snapshots from my past–ages of about 6 to 12–still glitters in my memory, because Read More...