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  • A Late Start to Respectful Parenting
    Self Pride

    Sometimes (often!) we discover new parenting strategies that resonate with us. Especially when we start respectful parenting later in our children’s lives, it’s easy to wonder if we’ve caused any issues or habits by doing things the old way. In the Facebook group Read More...

  • Baby on the Move: What Infants Can Do When We Let Them

    My daughter has been experimenting with moving her body her whole life. At six months old she is not yet crawling, but she has now perfected a move I call the creeping roll.

    This move allows her to move quite rapidly from one side of the room to another, and to retrieve any item she wants to explore. Read More...

  • This Toddler Is Capable and Determined

    Respectful parent Sue Leong shared this wonderful video with us today.

    In the video, Sue’s 24-month-old daughter “A” works hard to eat with chopsticks. Sue explains that A’s older brother, who is now almost 4, did not receive his first chopsticks until he was 2½ years old. Read More...

  • 3 Ways to “Parent” Less, and Parent Better
    baby walking with mother small

    Helicopter Parenting. Most of us have heard the term. We use it to describe the actions of parents who hover next to their children at all times, making sure they are never bored and never get hurt.

    Many of us agree that helicopter parenting makes it difficult for these children to negotiate the Read More...

  • Dancing in the Park
    Three-Year-Old Boy Dancing in the Park (4)

    This Labor Day weekend (United States) marked my 19th year as an artist in a local chalk art festival. During the festival, the park is filled with people, vendors, art, and music. I took a couple of hours to tour the festival with my 3-year-old son after I completed my artwork. He took me everywhere Read More...

  • It’s Okay, He Can Buy a New Shirt

    It was hysterical watching my daughter’s three-year-old friend, Billy, waiting for his ice cream. He was literally drooling over the sugary sweet taste that would soon reach his tongue.  His father handed him a spoon.  “Be careful not to spill on your new blue shirt.”

    Billy immediately dove