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Upcoming Two Hour Workshops at

Wonderful and Wild

1007 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92103

Parenting Tips for a More Peaceful Family (Parents of Toddlers to Teens) – $50.00 per person

May 23rd at 10 am – Wonderful & Wild – Register Here

  • The three kinds of time every family needs
  • How to have more fun with your family
  • How to develop routines that work
  • How to set up an environment that decreases nagging & yelling
  • How to have some free time with a preschooler, toddler or crawler
  • How to say “yes” more often
  • How to find the balance between power and permissiveness

How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen (Parents of Toddlers to Teens) – $50.00 per person

Date Pending – Wonderful & Wild – Registration opens soon

  • How to talk to children about behavior so they will want to fix it
  • How to listen to children so you can understand and help them succeed
  • How to help your children when they are upset (How to ease angry outbursts)
  • How to understand what your child’s behavior is telling you

How to Deal with Sibling Rivalry – 3 hour workshop – $50.00 per person

Date Pending – Wonderful & Wild – Registration Opens soon 

  • How to address conflict without taking sides
  • How to help children solve their own problems so you don’t have to
  • What to do when your kids start fighting
  • How to improve sibling relationships and have more fun with your kids

Resolving Family Conflict (Parents of Toddlers to Teens)

Not currently scheduled

  • How to find a solutions that everyone can agree on
  • The six steps of problem solving
  • How to solve problems from bedtime to screen time

Private Consults: $85.00/hour

No Full Courses are being offered at this time. Check back soon for updates or sign up below to be notified about later dates.

Courses are 24 total course hours, ensuring not only a grasp of new concepts and ideas but a firm knowledge of how to implement skills.

Full Course Pricing: $249.00 per person/$375.00 per couple
(24 total course hours at approximately $9-$12.00 per hour )

No full courses are scheduled at this time

Get a group of 6 or more together and ask about creating a new course or workshop near you.

Schedule a Private Workshop

$25.00 per per person for one of the workshops listed above ($120.00 minimum for two hour workshop)
Principles from the 8 week Parent Effectiveness Training Course
To register call (619) 876-8402
[email protected]

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