About Respectful Parent

Kelly Meier is a certified Parent Effectiveness Training Instructor teaching in San Diego, CA. Kelly also raised her children  in close alignment with the respectful parenting method, R.I.E. (Resources for Infant Educarers) founded by Magda Gerber which is based on pediatrician Emmi Pikler’s work. With the help and guidance from friends and mentor, Lisa Sunbury Gerber and Janet Lansbury,  Kelly found a passion for seeing kids as capable from birth, and from this, a love of watching them grow. In turn, helping parents has become her most rewarding career so far.

Kelly began her career as a corporate event planner, sales trainer and Franchise Sales Person. Becoming a mother inspired her to slow down her busy career and after a few years at home raising kids, she took a great interest in learning how to raise respectful children that would not only trust her, but whom she could also trust.  Kelly is an avid researcher and has used her intuition and her knowledge to help parents raise thoughtful, self aware and independent people.