Parenting, Self Care & Respect- How to Make it Happen in 2018 (video)

This was my first ever Facebook Live video, so forgive the sloppy camera work- I was still learning AND this was my 2017 New Year’s Resolution! I wanted to share it because it highlights some things that are important, if not critical, in maintaining a respectful relationship with our children. If we aren’t meeting our basic needs on a regular basis, it’s impossible to parent at a higher level. Here I talk about taking stock of what you need so you can be the parent you want to be. Self care doesn’t always look like what you might think – it is often looking out for ourselves the way we do for our kids and asking questions like “Am I tired? Am I hungry? Have I spent time with someone I enjoy lately? Have I had some down time?” When we don’t take care of ourselves at least as well as we do our children, we wear down pretty darn fast. So if your New Years Resolution is to stop yelling or to start parenting more peacefully watch this and let me know what you think.

– Kelly

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