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  • Why Connection Isn’t a Reward for Rude Behavior

    At a time when many parents would sit a child in time out or send them to their room or punish them in some way – I included mine. I did not reward him as some may see it. I reconnected with him and I helped him. I invited him. I gave him quiet acceptance. Instead of replying that, yes, I needed space from him I said just the opposite - “I would love for you to join us. It is so peaceful up there. Let’s go.” And we did. And his mood changed, he relaxed and recovered and talked with us.

  • Someone Else

    We’re the parents.

    We’re all they’ve got.

     And the world can be a cruel place.

    So why make fun of them?  Why shame them?  Someone else will do it.

    Why criticize them or judge them?  Someone else will do it.

    Don’t want to hug them after they do something wrong?  Someone else will do it.

    Don’t