That Tongonto Moment

Thunderstorms and facing your fears. Making it better.

I work outside the home, typical schedule, Monday through Friday. I leave the house by 7:30 and I get home by 5:30. As soon as I get home, I am on my knees with my bitlings, kissing and hugging and loving and saying, “I am so happy to see you!” Then I try to get five minutes to change clothes before I go downstairs to make dinner. Just five minutes to be by myself, in my bathroom, because otherwise, I am never by myself.

Last night I didn’t get it. I had a two year old brush my knees and then go downstairs and start shoving her 9 month old sister over, leading to tears and recrimination. I decided to peel potatoes for ease of baby eating and I have a new peeler and it’s crummy and it took forever. And the television is blasting some program I’ve heard a thousand times, yet I can’t tune it out. The baby is screaming. The two year old is demanding “Mo’ lem’nade! Please! Please!” My husband is stuck in traffic and I don’t know when he’ll be home, so I don’t know how far to go with dinner, because he was going to grill the meat.

I am having a perfectly normal evening without any genuine problems and all I want to do is get a glass of wine and go hide on the internet with my Tongonto ladies. Tongonto, take me away.

So I turn and refill the lemonade. I pick the baby up and set her down in front of the open plastics cupboard and let her wreak havoc on it. Husband walks through the door just as I resolve to throw the meat in a hot skillet and hope for the best and dinner is saved.

As I clean up the potato peelings I think about the rest of my Tongonto ladies (I’m very possessive of them) and how they’re all doing the same thing, or did it hours ago, or are in New Zealand on their lunch hours. It’s enough to just know they’re there. And that’s when I decided it was officially a Tongonto Moment. I don’t have a lot of friends living the same life as me. I certainly don’t have a local mommy group and play dates and whatnot. I just have Tongonto Moments, standing at the kitchen sink, loving my friends on the internet. I didn’t get five minutes, but I got a Tongonto Moment and that’s enough.

5 thoughts on “That Tongonto Moment

  1. It’s nice when you know you’ve got people you can be genuine with, who’ll give you a shoulder to cry on and who’ll celebrate your small victories with you.

  2. Aww this made me well up inside!! I stop myself sometimes during the day for a breather and think about something The Tongonto ladies have said, usually unicorn related, and immediately all is forgotten and my smile returns. I raise my glass to you Tongonto sistah!

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